Website not available to some after your server move

  • Answered
I have received 100`s of emails saying the site is not accessible from Sydney Au.

The issue seems to be very individual and not geographic. Some have no problems others have a blank page.

This coincides with the move of the site to another server.

What can be the problem. Its not possible for me to tell all my readers to clear cookies if this is the issue.

At this moment I am not happy at all.
Thank you for your question imtiaz! Sorry for the trouble with the server move. The notes on your account show that the server was just moved a few hours ago. When servers are moved, the dns changes to the new server. If you are unable to connect to either server through your web browser, there may be a network connection problem. Please run a ping and trace route and submit it to support for review. Why is my server slow / how do I run a ping and tracert test? When you run the ping and trace route. Please contact support either by chat, phone (1-888-321-4678 ext2), or by email ([email protected]) with the ping and trace route. They will need account information like the domain on the account or the cpanel username. At that time our tech support staff will be able to determine if the problem is the DNS routing or the network you are on. Sorry for the inconvenience. Regards James R