How do you link to other webpages in your webiste in different folders within "public_html"?

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I tried linking to a webpage within my site with
Test and it created an error. I have the folder "test" in my "public_html" and the file "index.htm" in the "test" folder. What is the coding I have to use?
Hello aaronmg,

To link to the test folder, you would simply use the code as the destination in your link. This would lead the visitor to the front page for the test folder.

I took a look at your folder setup and the only thing I can see that would cause a problem is that your folder is named "Test" and not "test". Linux servers are case sensitive, so if you name the folder "Test" you will always need to remember to capitalize the T when making any links. Microsoft servers do not make this distinction, however.

The standard practice is to make all folder names lowercase to avoid any confusion, but that is entirely up to you.

Best Regards,
Scott M