Moving site to Wordpress

  • Answered
Hi. We currently have a site hosted somewhere else. We decided to host it on inmotion and use webpress. I am not planning to transfer anything since we want to make many changes. I downloaded Wordpress, but I am not sure what to do next. I want to keep our website up until the end of the month, and then transfer it, and I'll be wanting to be working on the site in the meantime. Please direct me to the next steps.

thank you!
Thank you for your Question Sharlene! There are a few steps to set up wordpress manually on your server with us and edit the site while keeping your existing site functioning. 1. Install Wordpress. You can install Wordpress Manually or use the Softaculous software in the cpanel to install Wordpress. How to manually install WordPress How to install programs using Softaculous 2. Once Wordpress is installed, you can set the site URL to your Temp url for developing the site while your old site is still working. WordPress - Changing the Site URL and Home Settings Installing WordPress using your Temporary URL Testing your website using your Temporary URL After you follow the links instructions that were provided, you should be able to Develop your Wordpress while keeping the old one active. Hope this helps. Best Regards! James R