Raw Access Logs

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In my cpanel configuration I have the "Archive logs" option selected, and yet I cannot view yesterday's logs. If I click on the one and only link under "Download Raw Access Logs - Domain" I only see today (Oct 11th). If I click on the .gz file for October 2012, everything is from 9/30 - 10/09, making it impossible for me to help my customer until tomorrow, because yesterday is when they accessed the website. Why is there a gap of a day? Is there any way to view both yesterday's and today's logs? That is pretty normal for me to want to do, vs. having to go back 3 days or more.
Thank you for your question crownoflife!

The cpanel raw access logs update with the cpanel stats. The stats can take some time to run so you can see a day or 2 delay for them to update. To work around this, you can access through ftp and get the logs through there. Navigate to the home directory > access-logs directory. In there you should see a file similar to ftp.yourdomain.com-ftp_logs. Download it to your local computer and open it with a text editor and what you want should be in there.

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