Website Builder Installation problems

  • Answered
When I went to install the Premium Website Builder, I was given an error message that I was not able to install this application to my account.
Sorry you're encountering problems trying to get the Premium Website Builder installed on your account. Unfortunately in order for us to be able to assist with this we'd need to know your cPanel username or your primary domain name so that we can pull your account up and ensure everything is properly configured. Feel free to open a support ticket with this information, or if you feel comfortable exposing that information publicly you can respond to this post as well. In order to submit a ticket, please shoot an e-mail to ([email protected]) being sure to include your username, and the original cPanel password of your account or the last 4 digits of the credit card on file for verification. Or you can submit a ticket directly through our support interface here: Submit a support ticket Hope that helps. - Jacob