domain transfer says that domain is expired

  • Answered
I'm wanting to transfer my domain but the first step says that the domain is expired, even though it doesn't expire for over a month from now.
Any ideas?
Thank you for your question MarkEvans.

Sorry for the difficulty on the domain transfer. This is an unusual case. The Account Management Panel fetches the expiration date from the WHOIS information on the domain. For some reason, when looking up the WHOIS for your domain, the expiration date is not showing. Please see the following link.

In cases like these you will need Tech support to manually transfer the domain from the backend at Melbourne IT. This request can be sent to [email protected] and we can get the domain transfer initiated ASAP. Also, to get the domain working on our server while the domain is in transfer, you can update the nameservers to point to ours. Please see the following link on "Updating your domain's dns / nameservers".

James R