I do not have access to email account for domain transfer

  • Answered
I have the authorization code needed to transfer my domain but have found out I do not have access to the email that was listed when I initiated the transfer. The registar I was using has closed its doors and I get very little help from that end.

What other options do I have?
Hello truewo5, It is probable that registrar was a reseller for a larger registrar. If you can find that out, then the parent registrar will be able to help you in switching the email address over. Or you may be able to do so via the same people you obtained the Auth Code for if it was very recent. Failing that, you may have to contact ICANN. They are the international authority for domain names and they regulate the registrars. Simply explain your issue and they may be able to advise on your next steps. Here is their contact page in case the other avenue fails: ICANN Contact Page Best Regards, Scott M