accessing email behind firewall

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I used to be able to access my inmotionhosting email with Outlook using SSL (smtp 465, imap 993). Where I am now behind a corporate firewall, these ports are blocked.

I wanted to investigate setting up Outlook using https, but I see that my .../webmail URL redirects to the mail server with a port of 2096. This, too, is blocked.

I can access my gmail account from behind the firewall with https. Is there a way I can similarly access my imh account?
Hello shortmort,

The SSL ports on our shared servers are set on the industry standards for remote connection and cannot be changed. This also applies for the 2096 port used by the secure webmail connection.

The only way to access the email via https from your work would be for them to unblock those particular ports.

Best Regards,
Scott M