How do I access the Premium Site Builder?

  • Answered
Although I can log in to the AMP using userid of [email protected] and I can log in to cPanel using userid of Hoosie16 I cannot log into site builder using either. And there is apparently no option to change the Userid for site builder. So apparently I need to know the USERID for the site builder - and then I can update the password and take it from there. Thanks. Bob Miller
Hello ymcabob,

It appears that the builder did not completely install on your account. Our Tier 2 completed the installation for you. You will need to change the builder password from within your AMP, but after that you should have no issue logging in.

Once logged into AMP, go to the 'Account & Billing Details' section on the left side menu pane. Then click "details". On this page, under the product category you should see the web builder entry and select reset password.

Best Regards,
Scott M