Best way to take my test website live?

  • Answered
I have a live website ( and have been developing a new version, using a subdomain (

What is the best way to transfer the entire "test" into my live site (and delete the entire live site)?

I know I can go into "file manager" and compress the test site, and then extract it into the live site--is that the best way to do it?

I don't want any of my other stuff (email forwarders; SQL databases) to be changed at all.


gordon mayer
Hello MyaMoe, You will want to move the file from the test folder to the main folder. You can either use the 'Move' function in the cpanel File Manager, or even do as you suggested with the compress/move/uncompress. This only affects the location of the files, and will not affect your forwarders or SQL databases. They will still work as they are and do not need to be adjusted. Best Regards, Scott M