updated dns servers site not showing

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My site is registered with register.com. unfortunately they put a stupid ad at the bottom of the screen that ruins the look of the site. I was told by them that updating my name servers would fix this. I have a hosting account with inmotion so I updated the dns servers to inmotion as instructed. it has been over 24 hours and now when i type the address in the page doesn't load at all. i had previous set my address to forward to a free web based website tool flavors.me and would like for it to continue to do so. now even when i try to go to the flavors.me site directly it doesn't load. Please advise.
Hello IanDrazen,

I did a check on the same website and the error I am getting means that there is a redirect configuration error on the falvors.me side. It says it is basically redirecting to itself, causing an endless loop. You will want to check that side to correct the loop error, then it should all be fine.

Best Regards,
Scott M