How do I re-direct new domain (purchased from Inmotion) to current website already on Inmotion (without having to spend time on phone with support)

herbshopbiz 6 months ago updated by John-Paul B (Content Marketing Coordinator) 6 months ago 2

Unlike Go Daddy, it is not that simple to re-direct new websites on Inmotion's panel. Am I missing something? All I want to do is re-direct the new domain name to the current one already hosted on Inmotion until I am ready to set up a new website (if ever). This would be a permanent re-direct.


Hello herbshopbiz,

Thank you for contacting us about redirecting a domain. Sorry to hear about the trouble you are experiencing. First, add the domain to your account as an Addon domain. Then, you can setup a 301 permanent redirect in cPanel.

Thank you,


Confirm with this example if it is correct what I understood:

You have a domain mysite1.com that is hosted in inmotionhosting and now you have another new domain misite2.com, and what you want is to redirect mysite2.com to mysite1.com ?, if so, it's simple, go to the cpanel of your account, In the section of domains you enter redirect, there you configure the permanent redirect and where it points. But if you want to change the DNS, that is configured from AMP (you enter from the site of inmotionhosting.com)