How can I forward email to a Hotmail or Gmail account?

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I set up an email account for my blog. However, I have no idea how to use it. I read all the articles and watched all the videos, but I can't connect the dots somehow.

The easiest way to access my email from anywhere in the world seems to be to have email for my Inmotion email account forwarded to either Hotmail or Gmail.

But to do that, do I still have to set up an email client? I assume I have to use a Webmail client (like Squirrelmail), but I see no option to set up Squirrelmail or any other webmail client. When I follow the steps in the tutorial videos, I am given a list of Outlook Express options and that's all.

So, I don't understand how my email account, the email client, and the forwarding work together and what steps to follow to set them up. In the end, I can't figure out where the emails actually would go and how to access them.

Thanks for any help or hints!

Hello Doug,

You can access your email from the InMotion servers at any time and from anywhere by accessing the webmail login at (replace with your actual domain name)

If you wish to not use the webmail interface and have your emails forwarded to hotmail/gmail, you can certainly do so by creating a forwarder. To have your email forwarded to a third party provider, simply create a forwarder for each account you want to forward. You can do that from your cpanel account and do not have to log into the webmail (squirrelmail, horde, or roundcube) to do so. Simply log into the cPanel, find the Mail category, and select the Forwarders icon. This also allows you to set up multiple forwarders at once, if needed.

To avoid using an email client, simply use the Gmail or hotmail interface to log in from the web, however you can set one up, if desired. This way the client will check your gmail/hotmail and get all emails sent to those accounts, including your email from your domain. The details on setting the client up to connect to the third party will be on their respective sites.

Best Regards,
Scott M