Moving an account in WHM what happens to stored email?

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New to VPS hosting, so I made a configuration error. I created a new clients account under my own Cpanel. This would have been fine, but the client wants to administer their own email now, and naturally I don't want them in my home Cpanel. I will be creating a new account in WHM to move all of their files/DBs/email setting, etc over, but I have a question regarding stored messages. Right now they have 26mb of emails stored on the server. I would imagine the emails would be deleted once I remove their account from my Cpanel. Is there any way I can create the new account and move all of the stored messages?

Hello RedForestStudios,

When moving from one account to another, the stored emails will move over as well. When moving things, be sure to have a copy of the original information just in case. This will also allow you to check back against the original data to ensure it all moved over nicely. To do this, simply make a copy of the email folders prior to deleting the domain. This way you have a copy to import once the new one is created.

Best Regards,
Scott M