how do I prevent spammers from using my smtp

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I've noticed several delivery failures coming back today, clearly the result of spammers using the smtp server at ( on )

I have added two IP addresses and to the IP ban list (though, I don;t know if this encompasses smtp access, might be only http)

Tried to activate Domain Keys and SPF > cannot do this, not on DNS server of this domain

Tried to check / purge the exim queue > cannot / dunno how to access it.

Please help ... last thing I want to see happening is being banned by major provider gmail, hotmail, etc ...
Hello olivierb,

The message in the Email Authentication stating "cannot be used because this server is not a DNS server for" is incorrect. The SPF and Domain Keys are now in effect. They can take up to 24 hours for the information to propagate around the web, however.

One change I would make, is to go back to the Email Authentication and set the checkbox for the "All Entry (ALL)" field to checked. This is the most aggressive setting. The current setting will simply notify you if someone does use your SMTP but the most aggressive setting will stop them completely.

Best Regards,
Scott M