Periodic auto-deleting email?

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Is there anything I need to setup in cPanel, Horde, or anything else to make sure nothing automatically purges my email? I couldn't see anything. Horde's documentation mentions "purge interval" fields, but I couldn't find them. (I only looked in Horde because it was the first one listed.)

Some background: With the previous abusive father of a service provider I had, there was a default setting in the email web client which setup the Sent folder (and possibly some other stuff) to automatically purge "old" messages at some frequency. Even if you didn't use the web client. This meant I lost a lot of messages before realizing what happened. I want my archives to be real archives!

Thank you,
Hello Scarr,

As far as I can tell, the only thing that shows deletion preference in HORDE are located in the OPTIONS section under MAIL. Other than that, there aren't any settings for deletion that I can see.

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Arnel C.