why does my IP address show up under my website descritpion

  • Answered

when i google my websites name my lille limon i find my domain www.mylillelimon.com which i purchased from inmotion hosting but under the description it links to inmotionshosting and shows my IP address instead of showing a description of my website.

my domain name routes to the my webshop so that is not the problem. it is only the description that i am worried about.

what can i do to fix this?

please help!

many thanks,
Hello melanie, I am not currently seeing any redirection of the domain. If you try to go to www.mylillelimon.com directly, that description is exactly what the page will show. This means that you have the domain name pointed to our server, but as it is a domain only account, there is no hosting account associated with it. In that case, you see the default server page that reflects the IP address of the visitor. You will want to point the domain to your current hosts nameservers in order to display that site. Once you do that, Google will pick up a new description based on the files on that server. Best Regards, Scott M