How to make Outlook 2007 work with In Motion Hosting IMAP servers

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Sirs, I am consistantly having problems wiht my Outlook 2007 login to the IMAP servers. I suspect that it is a setting issue on my side, because my Android phone seems to work with your IMAP servers correctly.
My current setting are:
inbound mail server = mail.'mydomainname'.com
SMTP server = mail.'mydomainname'.com
incoming port = 143
outbound port = 465
SSL is enabled
Outbound is to use same security setings as inbound.

I substituted "mydomainname" in place of my actual domain name in this message since it looked as if it may go public.

Normally I use a Verizon air card to connect to the internet, and I do not know if that is part of the problem, but previously with a Gmail account i was using IMAP with, I had no problems using this system.

Please let me know what I need to do to make this work. I do not have to have secured email at this time but would like to have that option in the future if need be.
Hello S2Sailor,

Below are the settings you should have to enable you to connect. There are a few extra settings for you to try as well. Be sure to keep the secure ports and server names matched up. For example, use with the secure port 465 for outgoing server.

In the example I gave but you will need to replace 123 with your own server number.

Also, be sure that the username is the full email account name, such as '[email protected]' and not simply 'sample'.

Username: Your full email address, for example [email protected]
Incoming Server (normal): Port: 143
Incoming Server (SSL): Port: 993

Outgoing Server (normal): Port: 25 or 587
Outgoing Server (SSL): Port: 465

Best Regards,
Scott M