I cannot connect to my domain or blog from any of my computers and it worked fine last night. - "The connection has timed out"

  • Answered
I have just recently switched to hosting here and begun setup. I now cannot connect to my domain, steveshares.com or a new Wordpress blog, http://steveshares.com/photos/. I also cannot connect by ftp with the same computer and client I was using last night. I have tried from multiple computers here. I CAN still reach it from my Android phone on cell network. I have tried restarting, resetting, and unplugging the fios modem here and restarted all computers and cleared everything. Still nothing. I can go everywhere except my own domain. I appreciate the help. I am stuck.
Hello Steve, To find out where the routing issue is, we would need to see some information about how the connection is behaving along the way. I have an article here that shows you how to do a ping/trace test. This information will help us find any routing issue that may be preventing you from seeing your website. Please forward the information you get from the test to [email protected] and we can have our techs take a look and troubleshoot the issue for you. Best Regards, Scott M