Threat/Malware Warning

  • Answered
Dear Admin,

we have received information on our browser that and has contain malware. Can you help us delete those threats? We have back up the files on our local database.


Hello nabler, Once Google flags an account as a possible threat, it must be cleaned or any links to other sites Google has flag must be removed before they release the warning. I am seeing no malware on your site, however in your htaccess file, you are doing a 302 redirect to another site that is currently being flagged by Google as a malicious site. This will need to be removed, or the linked site will need to be cleaned and verified by Google. Once either of those (or both) criteria are met, you can have Google re-crawl your site to verify it is clean and then they will remove the warning. This is called site reconsideration. I have a link here with instructions on how to get Google to reconsider your site. Best Regards, Scott M