ZenCart Internal Server Error

  • Answered
I am in the process of upgrading Zencart. I have installed it in a new folder and hope to get it up and running. I've tried this about 5 times now because of various things going wrong in the process. I am now getting an internal server error when i attempt to log into the admin page.
Hi troutlily, 500 Internal Server errors are generally a problem with either permissions or code within a .htaccess file. If you're still having the internal server error, review the link I posted above for more troubleshooting options. If you need additional help, the best option for support is to actually give us the steps to replicate the problem so that we can do further testing. Most likely you won't want to post that information publicly, so you can email [email protected] with more information, and then post a comment at the bottom of this page to let us know you sent in that email. We don't regularly check that email account, so the comment would be to let us know you sent in the email so we know to look for it. Thanks, - Brad