Free credit domain transfer failed...

  • Answered
Hi I was using my free transfer credit to move a domain from GoDaddy. I did not realize that the domainsbyproxy would cause it to fail. I went there and shut it off but the AMP says "awaiting registrar". I never received an email from godaddy saying there was a transfer request. Do I need to wait for MelbourneIT to say it failed or is there a way to resubmit the transfer request again using my free credit? Thanks
Hello Delerium, Thank you for your question! With a domain transfer, you will want to wait to receive the confirmation of failure by us before resubmitting the transfer. Once that failure confirmation is received, simply contact our support department and they will reset the free domain credit for you so you will not have to pay for the transfer. I am including our link on how to transfer a domain name so you can ensure all steps are taken to avoid failure on the next attempt. I hope this answers your question. If you have any more questions or comments on the issue please leave a comment below so we can assist you further. Thank you! - Scott M