mysqlreport and slow_queries

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I was wondering what kind of SQL queries a shared environment was allowed to run or whether there are log files that would tell me what I would like to know. My status report in PHPAdmin indicates that I have some slow_queries or that I have tables that might not be indexed properly. in a Shared server environment What is possible here, in general.
Hello [email protected],

Shared servers run the same as any other servers as far as SQL is concerned. You do want to try and limit your slow queries and optimize your databases for performance, however. Shared servers can be adversely affected by slow queries and high queries per second more than VPS and Dedicated servers. Standard optimization rules apply and you want to limit the slow queries as much as possible. If there are any performance issues regarding the MySQL, our Systems team will reach out to you and advise on steps to optimize that where possible to help you keep your account and the server running smoothly.

I hope this answers your question. If you have any further questions please leave a comment below.

- Scott M