How do I add hover text on builder eshop images?

  • Answered
From ADMIN, If you place an image in the general/discription, the image attributes box appears with the advanced option of adding "advisory text". however with Catagories or Sub-Catagories, When you load a catagory or sub-catagory image using data/image, there is no "advisory text".
My question is how do you insert the Hover Text in this case.
Hello USAeshopFrance,

The add/edit image function is where the advisory title feature is allowed to be added to an image. This is found when using the description editors on the category and products in the eshop. By program design, however, that option is not available when adding icon pictures for categories or products. That part of the eshop is not using the same module, so there is no direct way to add hover text for those images in the builder.

I hope this answers your question for you. If you have any other questions on the issue, please leave a comment below.

Thank You!
- Scott M