Catching emails for non-existent addresses

  • Answered
I am creating 10 different email accounts. Now an email is sent to an account which does not exist in the system. I want to receive all the emails sent to Ids which no not exist in the domain to be redirected to a specific email id..

This is similar to the concept of default address.

Pls advise on how to go about doing this.
Hello Vnewatia, It sounds like you want emails sent to any non-existent email address sent to what is called a "catch all" email address. That capability is not allowed on our shared servers but is allowed on our VPS and Dedicated server plans. That is explained here in our Default Catch-all Addresses article. The closest thing to a catchall we can suggest for a shared server is to make aliases for the most common email addresses that email would be coming to. You can make as many of these as you need. If you have any further questions or information on this issue, please leave a comment below so we can further assist you. Thank you! - Scott M