How do I stop spam posts on my blog comments

  • Answered
I'm using sitebuilder for my blog.

Hello David_M, The builder has a captcha feature which is a security check that must be passed in order to add a comment to the blog. This means that any spam comments that are being placed on the blog are most certainly done by humans. With the captcha feature in place, the only other spam prevention for the Premium Website Builder blog is to be proactive and remove the spam ones on a regular basis. You may want to check into adding a more robust blog program to your website such as Wordpress. You can use that exclusively for your blog while maintaining the rest of the site with the builder. You just need to install it in a subfolder so it does not overwrite the builder and then create a link in your builder to replace the one you have now for the builder blog. Blog-specific software such as Wordpress has better comment moderating features including the option to disable them altogether if needed. This is not available in the Premium Wesite Builder blog. If you have any further questions on the issue please feel free to comment below so we can help you further. Thank You, - Scott M