Time to pay Registrar...or the 1 free domain transfer?

  • Answered
I have a domain on Inmotion, and when I signed up was told it came with 1 free domain transfer.

I also have a second domain that's been registered with Registrar.com, and it's time to pay the annual renewal on that one. So, out of curiosity, if I took advantage of the free domain transfer to Inmotion, does that end up saving me the renewal at Registrar (due in a few days)...or would I still have to pay that to one or the other?

Hello CPL, In reviewing your account, I was able to see that you still have a free domain credit. This means that you do have the option to either register a NEW domain free, or transfer one to us free. That would be your choice. Anything beyond that would cost $11.95 per domain per year. The big advantage of registering(or transferring) a domain to your account is that the domain REMAINS free for the life of the account. In order to initiate a transfer or register a domain, please login to your Account Management Panel (AMP) and then select DOMAINS or DOMAIN TRANSFER as per your decision. If you're unfamiliar with the AMP interface, here's a quick tutorial on it: Registering a New Domain name Transferring a Domain Name If you have any further questions, please contact technical support or leave a comment at the bottom of the page. Regards, Arnel C.

Update: 2012.07.02 Due to rising domain costs by the Government Agency that controls domain fees (ICANN/Verisign), we've had to change our policy on free domain registrations / renewals. Free domain registrations are no longer free for the life of your hosting account, but are instead free for the first year only. Further details can be found in our Terms of Service.