Where can I find info on upgrading my Basic plan to support Addon domains?

  • Answered
Signed up some months ago with the basic plan and am now interested in addon domains/vhosts. Where can I find info on pricing, setup, etc.?
Hi timothegard, If you are interested in hosting more than one domain name on your account, you'll want to start looking at the Launch Plan (which is the minimum plan that supports addon domains). You can click that link I just posted, and you'll go to our Business Class Hosting plans where you can see the prices for not only our Launch plan, but for our Power and Pro plans as well. If you have any further questions about the plans, I'm more than happy to help, just ask! If you decided you want to change your account type, please see the following article for our step by step guide: How to Upgrade or Downgrade your Hosting Plan Thanks, - Brad