How to implement- 301 Moved Permanently

  • Answered
I hope someone can help. We have several redirects somewhere out there that we created a while back and the problem is we don't remember all of them. We implemented the Page Not Found. But I've heard that is better to redirect to a working page, like home page etc... I hope someone can tell me how to implement the broken link re-direct --301 moved permanently ---so it redirects the broken links to the home page vs. Page Not Found.
Hi iwonap, Implementing a redirect instead of Page not found depends on how you create your site. You can set up redirects for specific parts of a site through the Redirects area of cPanel, but if you're using a Content Management System, it's usually better to use a plugin for those. If you could either update your question or add a comment below and provide us with a domain name or let us know how your site is built (hand code, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc.) we will be happy to assist. Regards, Christi N.