Spammers have created fake emails addresses on my domain. How do I delete them?

  • Answered
I am realizing because of the bouncebacks that Spammers have created fake emails addresses on my domain,, and are busy spamming about Viagra and so on with these addresses, sullying my good name! How do I delete all fake email addresses from my domain, leaving only my two real addresses???

- Lillie
Tim S.
Hi Lillie, Thanks for posting your question. I'm sorry you're having trouble with spammers. I'm more than happy to assist you. It's highly doubtful that spammers gained access to your VPS and set up email accounts. It's likely they are sending spam on behalf of a domain on your account. This typically can be negated by creating SPF records. I've had a tech support rep look at your server and there's only one email account on the server. This supports the theory that a spammer is spoofing your domain. Using SPF records and Domain Keys can help protect your domains from being spoofed. Here's an article on SPF records and Domain Keys: SPF records and Domain Keys If you need further assistance please feel free to contact us. Thanks! Tim S