Why won't my htaccess file work on your servers?

  • Answered
My allow/deny directives are not working on the inmotionhosting servers, but they were working before. I contacted support and their response will not work. The htaccess file is set up correctly. It must be a server issue.
Hi jeannies, Within your .htaccess file, you are using: order allow,deny ... to allow / prevent access to your website. While looking into this further, I found that the order in which you have allow,deny is very important. order allow,deny - The allow statements will be ran first order deny,allow - The deny statements will be ran first Because you are using order allow,deny and you have allow from all, it would make sense that this directive is being processed first, thus allowing everyone to view your website. I would suggest updating your .htaccess file and changing order allow,deny to order deny,allow. This will run all of your deny statements first, and if there is no match, the user will be allowed in. Let us know if this helps or not. Thanks! - Brad