How do I fix an error in Akeeba Kickstart when migrating my Joomla site?

  • Answered
Your session write path and the installation directory are not writable.
Hi majicle,

The path / directory related error message is most likely due to incorrect session write path and installation directory settings in your joomla configuration.php file.

If you're migrating your website from GoDaddy, most likely your settings still reflect your GoDaddy settings. I would suggest reviewing your configuration.php file and double checking any path settings that you have listed.

I'm not able to get into your account to test myself, but if you wanted to email [email protected] with:
1. Your login credentials both cPanel and Joomla
2. The exact steps we can take to replicate the issue within Joomla
... I'd be more than happy to review further. Please note that if you do send in the email, please post a comment at the bottom of this page to let us know, as the [email protected] email address is not actively monitored.

Good luck, and we're happy to help further if need be!

- Brad