Outgoing emails appear fast for recipient, but incoming emails taking 30 minutes+

  • Answered
First time new user. When I send an email OUT from my InMotion domain/hosted email account, it appears within seconds in the Recipient's Inbox. Also when I send from an InMotion domain/hosted email account to another InMotion email account it appears within seconds. But, when I send OUT from my InMotion email, it takes 30+ minutes to appear in the Recipient's Inbox.

This is the same issue whether I send from WebMail, or from my Outlook 2007.

Is there something I need to configure to make it send faster??
Hi BruceAvilla,

There are no options, that I'm aware of, that you can configure in Outlook to help your email send faster. What we can do to help however is review our email logs for you.

If you can email [email protected] with the following information:

1. Who the email was sent from and to

2. The time the email was sent (including time zone)

... We can review our email logs to help give you more information on why there was a delay with the email. For example, our server could be delaying the email for some reason, or this could be the recipient's email server causing the issue.

If you can email our support department with further information, we should be able to give you more specifics on why your email is taking 30+ minutes to arrive to your recipients.

- Brad