This is in response to my earlier question today about the logo.

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First, how do you respond to your answers? I found no reply button. Also, what do you mean by css and backing up the css file prior to making changes? Also, with the answer you gave me, do I have to have specific line spacing when I put in the code? Do I just hit "delete" to get rid of the current code? Will doing this result in me still being able to keep the default picture provided by Wordpress twentyeleven theme (ocean) and have my logo above that picture?


Tim S.
Hi Andrea,

Thanks for posting your follow up questions. I'm more than happy to assist you today. CSS is a file that controls how certain elements on your website look. It's a standard file that contains information like font size, image sizes, colors, backgrounds, etc. Anytime you're going to change a default file, you should always make a copy of it prior to making any changes. That way, if anything happens and you need to revert to the backup file and restore your website.

Line spacing isn't a concern when replacing the code in the style.css file. You'll just highlight the code you want to replace and hit "delete" to remove it. Keep in mind, making changes to the style.css file in WordPress does require you to have a basic understanding of CSS and HTML.

In step #3, be sure to replace "path to image" with the actual URL path to your logo. I.E.

Also, in Step #4, replace "(size of image height)" with the numerical height of the image.

The code I provided you will leave the banner image intact on the page. It will however remove the "HAPPY MENTALITY - Expert mental wellness coach" from the header of WordPress.

Now, as for responding to answers you can simply post a "comment" on the page, and I'll see that.

If you need further assistance please feel free to contact us.


Tim S.