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I'm a website newbie. I am using InMotion hosting for the first time, as well. I want to choose a good site builder for creating my website.

What options do I have?

I see that I can use Premium Web Builder in my AMP.

What other software choices do I have? I notice Soholaunch. Is that free if I install through Fantastico?

Is WordPress a site builder or just a blog builder?

Thanks for any guidance you have.

Also, any good books you might recommend for the novice, who has good IT experience but just hasn't built websites?


Mr. J
Tim S.
Hi Mr. J, Thanks for posting such a great question. I'm more than happy to help you make a decision on what software to use. So let's cover some of the larger options such as WordPress, Premium Web Builder, and SoHo Launch.


WordPress is a great option as over 60 million websites across the Internet use WordPress to power their website. We have some great tutorials on WordPress and that's a good place to start.

Very Flexible and can be used to build just about any type of website you can think ofHas a higher learning curve over the Premium Web Builder
Wordpress is free and open sourceWordPress can be overwhelming with all of it's options
We have a great set of tutorials on using WordPress
WordPress can be installed using Fantastico

Premium Web Builder

If you've never built a website, the Premium Web Builder may be a good choice for you. It's simple interface allows you to build a website without having coding experience. It's free to use for our shared hosting customers.

Easy to useLimited in it's functionality
Over 500 Templates to choose fromCan only be used on one website of your choice
We have a great set of tutorials on using Premium Web Builder

SoHo Launch

SoHo Launch is a third party software that is offered through Fantastico in cPanel. When it was first released it was a modern up-to-date software. However, over the years it appears that there have been little to no updates to it and has since fell behind.

Free version availableNot much support and community for it
Tutorials on our support center availableMay contain advertisements in the free version

I hope this helps you make an informed decision. Typically, if you're not afraid to learn, I'd recommend WordPress. If you choose WordPress, you'll want to find a template that meets the needs of your website.

If you need further assistance, please feel free to contact us

Thanks! Tim S