Server 82 on and off all day long, whats going on with it?

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What is the issue with server 82? It was down last month, its been down on and off all day long, and its seriously effecting my company's operations.

I and the few other employees now have to send out an email (whenever the server is functioning again) to all of our contacts requesting them to please resend any emails they may have sent us because our server went down and we may not have received them. This is FRUSTRATING, and not acceptable for us. If this happens again in the near future we will be demanding a refund and switching hosting companys.

I know this sounds extreme but we cant afford to have email failures and website down time. Please fix the issue once and for all or move us to a server without all the problems.

Also it would be nice if when your having an issue with the servers, weather or not you know what the issue is, please have someone announce it in the amp panel. If you think that by not posting such info you may be able to fix the problem before it goes unnoticed then you would be wrong.
Tim S.
Hi RGRacing, Thank you for posting your question. I'm sorry about the issues you have been experiencing. I'm more than happy to assist you today. The server that houses your account has been under an intermittent DDOS attack for the last 24 hours are so. If you would like more information on DDOS attacks please see our article: What is a DDOS attack? If you need further assistance please feel free to contact us. Thanks! Tim S