How can I figure out how much traffic my site can handle?

  • Answered
We are expecting a rise in traffic to more 100,000 hits in a day. Do we need to do anything to make sure our server can handle this traffic?
Tim S.
Hi lynn1980, Thanks for posting your question. I'm more than happy to assist you today. Thats a really tough question, and depends on a few different factors. The biggest factor is how your website is coded. I looked over your website and it appears to be built with WordPress, you'll want to make sure you are using a caching plugin. This will store a copy of your web pages so the server will send a copy to the browser. Here's a link to our guide on installing it: Installing WordPress Super Cache Also, you may want to look over the site for other ways to improve it. You may also want to submit an email to our systems administrator letting them know you are expecting high traffic (if the traffic is due to specific marketing campaigns let us know as well) and would like to know ways to improve site performance and resource usage. They'll be able to monitor the site and server and let you know. They can be reached at [email protected] Be sure to include the last four digits of the credit card on file or the current AMP password for security purposes. If you need further assistance please feel free to contact us. Thanks! Tim S