I created a new ftp account and cannot login

  • Answered
I've created an FTP account in cPanel but It doesn't work. I've done this a hundred times with another host using cPanel. I can't seem to figure it out.
Hi Evangel, I've scanned the ftp logs on your server and found a few of these errors coming from your IP address in the last few minutes:
Feb 15 11:28:47 ecbiz97 pure-ftpd: (?@###.###.###.###) [WARNING] Authentication failed for user [*****]
It appears that you cannot login because of either a bad username / password. When using an FTP account that you've created within cPanel, please be sure to enter your username as [email protected] rather than simply user. If this does not appear to be the issue, feel free to email [email protected] with the username and password that you're using, and I'd be happy to test further. If you do email, be sure to post a comment to let us know as that email account is not actively looked at (unless we're expecting an email to it). Thanks! - Brad