Where should I upload my web.xml and java files to?

  • Answered
I have domain name with in motion. I connected using FTP but not sure where to transfer my files. I see public_html and other folders when i connect using FTP.

In my project I have java files, javascript files, xhtml files, config files, and web.xml files.

can someone tell me what type files goes under which folder ?
Hi surbhit, Where do I need to upload my files? All of your website files should be uploaded to your public_html folder. If you wanted to read a bit more about this, please see: What directory should I put my files in? Can I run Java on my account? In order to run Java, you will need either a VPS Hosting or Dedicated Hosting account, our Shared Hosting accounts do not support Java at this time. For more information on running Java, please see: Do you have JSP Tomcat hosting? I hope this helps answer your questions. Feel free to update your question or post in the comments if you have any further questions. Thanks! - Brad