Does an update to Domain Organization/Tech/Admin section in AMP update WhoIs information online?

  • Answered
I wanted to know if I update information in the AMP domain section so that an email address is not necessarily a personal email address for the Admin/Tech portion of the WhoIs information, but something more concrete, [email protected] etc., will this information be updated in the WhoIs online directory?
Hi VladDjordan, Yes, you are correct. When you update the Admin/Tech details for your domain name in AMP, it will reflect in the whois. The change in the whois may not be right away due to caching, but it should take effect within a few days. Also, you don't have to have your personal email address either. If you have a company wide email address, such as support@ or sales@, you can use that in the whois as well. I hope this helps, let me know if you have any further questions. Thanks! - Brad