I am trying to solve my issues with forms on our site

  • Answered
Specifically, I am using a cgi formatted form that has worked for over 10 years.
I do not know how to resolve any issues related to using the cgi-bin format for this and need to get these forms out for use immediately.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Hi murphy42, If you're using a form on your website to send emails, and it is not working, there are a few things to look at. Are you getting any error messages? If you're getting any error messages, please update your question or post in the comments what the actual error message is. Error messages are key in pinpointing what the issue is, so be sure to let us know if you have one. Are you running a script in your cgi-bin folder to send emails? This question also relates to, "Are you getting any error messages?". With cgi scripts, instead of posting the error messages to the screen, it generally throws up a vague 500 error (which is not going to help troubleshoot the issue). In *some* cases (as this can be a security issue), our Support Team can run your cgi script from the command line - this should provide some type of error message to go by. If you're feeling up to it, you can run your script via a cron job and it should email you any error messages. Is there any abnormal data in the email log files? You won't have direct access to these files, but our Support Team can scan the email log files on the server, and sometimes they can provide information as to why a form mail type script is not working. To request a review of email logs on the server, please email [email protected] The key to troubleshooting form mail type issues is troubleshooting. The more data you can find (such as error messages or other abnormal logs), the easier it is to troubleshoot. Feel free to post in the comments more information about your form, such as the URL, and I'll be happy to troubleshoot further. Thanks! - Brad