How long do parked domains take to redirect?

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I set up two parked domains to redirect to an existing domain. The set up form says "done," but the redirect does not seem to be working. The parked domains were registered through inmotion yesterday.

How long before the redirects start to work? I thought it was immediately.

Hi Holly.

While typing out this response, I noticed you commented on the question and stated it is working for you. I did have a solution typed up, so I'll post it here for others that find this question. The answer to your question is:

When you setup a redirect, it should redirect immediately. If it doesn't, most likely you need to clear your browser's cache.

When you initially register a domain name, it can take up to 24 hours before the domain name is fully active.

When you park a domain name to your account, it actually does not "redirect". What a parked domain name does is simply load the same files as your main domain.

Parked Domains Explained Further

Your main domain loads files directly from the /public_html directory.

With addon domains, you can set the directory the files load from. For example, it may be /public_html/

A parked domain loads the same files as the main domain, files directly in /public_html.

Main Domain:

Parked Domain:

When you visit, will show in the address bar, but it will show the same website as

If when someone visits you want it to redirect and show in the address bar, you'll want to setup a redirect.


- Brad