Forward e-mails from a particular sender?

  • Answered
Is it possible to set up a filter to forward only those e-mails that come from a particular sender to another e-mail account? I don't want to forward all incoming e-mails, just those from a certain e-mail address. Thanks
Hi tazmaton, Very good question, I don't think I've ever been asked that before! You can use cPanel's "User Level Filtering" to forward email sent from one person to another address. 1. Log into your cPanel 2. Click the "User Level Filtering" link under the "Mail" heading 3. Click "Manage Filters" next to the email account the email will have initially been sent to 4. Click "Create a New Filter" 5A. Enter a Filter Name 5B. Set the rule to "From" "Contains" and then enter the email address the emails will be coming from 5C. Set the "Actions" to "Redirect to Email" and enter the email address to forward the email to 5D. Click "Activate" If the sender is going to email multiple email addresses in your cPanel, setup the filter using "Account Level Filtering" instead of "User Level Filtering". With Account Level Filtering, you can make one filter that affects all email accounts, while if you use the User Level Filtering you would have to make a filter for each email account. I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any further questions. Thanks, - Brad