Help DW Spry Widgets

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Trying to run the slideshow widget from Dreamweaver. Runs fine in Live View but when I publish the site it doesn't work. The page can't find any of the js classes. I have checked that all the files where uploaded.


Anybody else running the slideshow widgets on the inmotion servers?
Tim S.
Hi KeyWest,

Thanks for posting your question. I'm more than happy to assist you. If your slideshow functions in Dreamweaver but not in the server it seems as though the JavaScripts are corrupted. Please ZIP your test folders from Dreamweaver and email them to [email protected]. Once you do this, please let us know so we can examine them to see if there's any noticeable differences.

If you need further assistance please feel free to contact us.


Tim S
Hi KeyWest, When reviewing your files, I noticed that this file: ... appears to be minified. The very first line begins with two slashes, //, signifying the beginning of a comment. Because the entire script is on one line, the whole thing has been commented out, basically making the script useless. The SpryWidget.js file on your local machine, is it the same way or is the file split into multiple lines? Also, can you use to show us what your slideshow.html file looks like on your local computer? Feel free to post a response in the comments of this page or update your question with the additional details. Thanks! - Brad