How come I can't access my website?

  • Answered
I just recently signed up with inmotion and registered a domain with your service.

I installed wordpress via cpanel (I've installed wordpress before so I'm familiar with the steps).

Now when I go to my site I get a server not found error.

I can't access the ftp either as I get this error : Connection attempt failed with "EAI_NODATA - No address associated with nodename".

Tim S.
Hi birds, When you encounter the error that you've mentioned: "EAI_NODATA - No address associated with nodename" Typically this can be fixed by following our guide on fixing the EAI_NODATA error, which walks you through either using your server's hostname or clearing out the private data in your FTP client to ensure it's not still trying to connect to your previous server. If you need further assistance please feel free to contact us. Thanks! Tim S