Zen Cart vs WP Ecommerce for ebook downloads

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I'm setting up my website and intend to sell ebooks and other digital-download products. I've been looking at the shopping carts I can use with Wordpress, of which Zen Cart seems to be one that gets recommended. But WP Ecommerce, from Wordpress, also gets highly marks and if it's from Wordpress, how could that go wrong.

My question revolves around using PayPal, which I've had an account with for years, to accept credit-card and other payments. I'd like a shopping cart front-end for all the reasons they're popular, but any thoughts or recommendations on which shopping cart (Zen Cart or WP Ecommerce, or another) work well with PayPal for payments. Or don't they?
Chris L.
Tim S.
Hi CPL, Thanks for posting your questions. I'm more than happy to assist you. If you're using WordPress and you want to integrate a shopping cart into it, there's some plugins like WP Ecommerce that works well. If you decide to use another shopping cart such as ZenCart, OpenCart, or OSCommerce, those are separate installations from WordPress alltogether. Most shopping carts have the functionality to integrate PayPal into your payment methods. Here's a link to some of our shopping cart guides: Choosing a Shopping Cart If you need further assistance please feel free to contact us. Thanks! Tim S