Installing phpList

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Hello there,

I'm planning on installing phpList to manage my email campaigns for the bookstore.

However, I am not able, for some reason, to access the directory where the installation files for phplist are located.

Please advice,

Kind regards,
Elvis Plaku
Tim S.
Hi Elvis Plaku,

Thanks for posting your question. I've looked over your account briefly. I renamed the .htaccess file in your /email folder. I then went to /email/admin however it gave me a new error, "unable to connect to database"

So, I have since renamed your .htaccess file. I've found that it's your magic quotes causing the initial issue. I commented the line out and it resolved the internal server error. You can control magic quotes in your php.ini file.

Now, since I've done that, you're getting a database connectivity error. You'll need to check your configurations to connect to the database to ensure you have the correct settings.

You'll need to look into cPanel to make sure all the settings in the config.php file are correct. Typically, databases start with your cPanel username. Also, you'll need ot make sure the user is attached to the database when you are in there in cPanel.

If you need further assistance please feel free to contact us.


Tim S