Problems with brazilian domain

  • Answered
First of all, is it possible to use a brazilian domain, like : ?

If so, i would like to use a domain like that. For it, i'm registering a domain "" and for the registration conclusion is needed the Dns.

Then, I put : and as master and slave server dns.

However, I'm receiving unknown domain from the service. What could be ? First i need to add the domain name to inmotion ? How could i do that if it is a "" domain ?

Thanks !
Tim S.
Hi rbautomacao, Thanks for contacting us. I'm more than happy to assist you today. While you cannot transfer the management rights for the domain to your InMotion Hosting account, you can host the domain here. I've taken a brief look at your account, and do not see where you;ve added the domain as an add-on domain. Once the domain is added as an add-on domain, you should not get the error. By adding the domain as an add-on it then creates a DNS record on the nameservers for that domain. Here is a guide to setting up an add-on domain: Adding an add-on domain in cPanel I hope this helps! Let me know if you need further assistance. Thanks! Tim S