Slide Show problem

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A slideshow in the Banner area ( top slinder not lower one) ( Expansive Medicine/Water/Healthy heart) can not link to another page..whe code applied all plugins that were better for this banner space( in the inactive plugin area ex WP featured slider) will not 'take' publish/update..either linking will not work, and /or cryptic mess comes out on home page) I need a Carousal or Slider that I can place content pictures text maybe even videos if possible, and have it link to more content to another page. I would like to change this each day or each week with different pictures /items on the slider , of course with links. y web address is I am not sure if this is secure to give you the WP admin password. This area is tied in to Cincopa ( ) the code is gotten from there...i do not know why we need that, but that is how it was set up. It's ok to not use it on this area if you don't need it. Cincpap is used on the Videos below and I believe the next lower carousal...those work fine. If you need passwords for Cincopa let me know a safe way to provide that as well.. your help is very appreciated. The Pluggins for carousal like WP Featured was ok and so was the WP Content slider..both had these options unless you have better ones for me needs and ease of use. You can get all the password from the gentlemen I spoke to
Hi Craig, I'm sorry you're having trouble with your slideshow on your WordPress site. I'm not clear on which plugin you are using for that particular gallery and I'm also not clear on whether this was working at one time and recently stopped working. I will do my best to offer some suggestions that should help you determine the issue. 1) Disable all plugins within your WordPress dashboard. 2) Switch to the default WordPress theme. 3) Enable the plugin that controls this particular part of your site. 4) If the plugin is working correctly, one-by-one enable the other plugins, testing after each plugin is enabled to see if it is causing a conflict. 5) Switch back to your current theme to see if anything within that theme is causing an issue with your slideshow plugin. You mentioned the Cincopa gallery plugin as one you are using or were using. I researched this a bit and couldn't find documentation that indicates you can link from the images in the gallery. I did find some plugins that should have that option. I did a search of WordPress plugins at for the phrase: image slideshow link I hope this helps! Please let us know if you have any additional questions or need any further assistance. Regards, Christi N.