How do I set up a firewall UDP allow rule in WHM for VPS?

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I'm trying to add an "allow" rule for specific UDP ports using WHM. I can successfully allow traffic on all ports from a specific IP address, using s=[ip]. I can also allow TCP traffic to specific ports from anywhere, using d=[port]:s= These commands are accepted by the "Add IP to firewall" page in WHM and I have successfully tested sending traffic to the relevant TCP ports from different IP addresses.

However, doing the same for UDP traffic fails. I used the format "udp:d=[port]:s="; WHM accepts the rule, but when the firewall restarts, the relevant output is:

allow h to port [port]

and UDP packets to the specified port still seem to be blocked.

How do I allow UDP traffic (to specific ports from any IP) from within WHM? I have not requested root privileges on the VPS, so I cannot directly edit the firewall configuration files.
Tim S.
Hi Taciturn, Thanks for posting your question. The "Add IP to Firewall" tool in WHM was primarily written by our systems administrators so you can easily add your IP address to the firewall for WHM access. I have ran some tests, and it does not like the format that should be used such as: udp:in:d=21:s= Without root access, you will need to contact our support department so we can add the rule for you. You can either call our support department, or email support at: [email protected] If you email support your request, you will need to verify your account in the email as well. To verify the account, you will need to provide us with the last four digits of the credit card, or the current AMP password. If you need further assistance please feel free to contact us. Or if you are looking for a VPS or thinking about upgrading, click here to see why our VPS plans are a great low cost option. Thank You! Tim S